Selected peer-reviewed publications

1. Institutions and the location of oil exploration
(2019) (with Torfinn Harding).
Journal of the European Economic Association.

2. Dutch Disease Resistance: Evidence from Indonesian Firms
(2019) (with Torfinn Harding and Pierre-Louis Vezina).
Journal of the Association of Environmental and Resource Economists.

3. The local economic impacts of natural resource extraction
(2015) (with Steven Poelhekke).
Annual Review of Resource Economics, 7, 2015

4. Investing in Africa’s infrastructure: financing and policy options (2015) (with Paul Collier).
Annual Review of Resource Economics, 7, 2015.

Working papers

1. Evidence for a presource curse? Oil discoveries, elevated expectations and growth disappointments (2017) (with David Mihalyi) World Bank Policy Research Working Paper 8140. 
Communications and Coverage:

  • The Presource Curse. Finance and Development, December 2017, IMF. (with David Mihalyi). weblink.
  • Uganda tries to dodge the “presource curse”. The Economist, April 2019.
  • 2. Stranded nations? Climate policy implications for fossil-fuel rich developing countries. (2016) OxCarre Policy Paper 34 (with David Manley and Giorgia Cecchinato).
    Communications and Coverage:

  • Carbon wealth of nations: from rents to risks. Book chapter in The Changing Wealth of Nations, January 2018, World Bank.
  • Unburnable wealth of nations. Finance and Development, March 2017, IMF.
  • My research examines the relationship between governance, natural resources and economic development. My DPhil (PhD) thesis, The economic effects of natural resource extraction, was supervised by Tony Venables and Rick van der Ploeg.