Selected peer-reviewed publications

1. Institutions and the location of oil exploration
(2020) (with Torfinn Harding).
Journal of the European Economic Association.

2. Dutch Disease Resistance: Evidence from Indonesian Firms
(2019) (with Torfinn Harding and Pierre-Louis Vezina).
Journal of the Association of Environmental and Resource Economists.

3. Evidence for a presource curse? Oil discoveries, elevated expectations and growth disappointments (2017) (with David Mihalyi) World Bank Policy Research Working Paper 8140. 
Communications and Coverage:

4. Stranded nations? Climate policy implications for fossil-fuel rich developing countries. (2016) OxCarre Policy Paper 34 (with David Manley and Giorgia Cecchinato).
Communications and Coverage:

5. The local economic impacts of natural resource extraction
(2015) (with Steven Poelhekke).
Annual Review of Resource Economics, 7, 2015

6. Investing in Africa’s infrastructure: financing and policy options (2015) (with Paul Collier).
Annual Review of Resource Economics, 7, 2015.